Academic Affairs Budget Planning

Timeline and information about our division's budget planning process for Spring 2021.

DEpartment/program Dashboard access (COMING SOON):

Department/Program PowerBI Dashboard access information has been emailed to deans and department chairs as of February 9th.  This information will be accessible to the rest of our campus community once deans and chairs have had a chance to review their information.  If you are a dean or chairperson and need access, please email


Ongoing January-May Small group budget meetings
January 14 Present dashboards at Meet & Confer
Early February Dashboards released to department chairs
February 4 Update & identify budget tools at Meet & Confer
February 20 Deadline for feedback on dashboards
March 1 State revenue projection released
March 4 Draft budget plan presented at Meet & Confer for consultation
April 8 Deadline for consultation on draft plan
May 1 Final plan

Academic Affairs Budget Planning FAQ:

Frequently asked questions about the Spring 2021 Academic Affairs Budget Planning Process.

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