Academic Affairs Budget Planning

Information about our division's data summaries and budget planning process for Spring 2021.

Academic Affairs DATA Summaries (DATA DASHBOARDS):

On February 9th, the Academic Affairs Data Summaries (data dashboards) 1.0 were released on a limited basis so that deans and department chairs could review and vet their respective data. On May 17th, we released Academic Affairs Data Summaries 1.1.

Release 1.1 expands access and provides users with access to data for all departments and programs.

Academic Affairs Data Summaries

DRAFT Budget Reduction Plan (3/4/2021):

A draft Budget Reduction Plan was presented at Meet & Confer on Thursday, March 4th, 2021.  This is a draft plan and we encourage feedback be sent to

Provost Cecil and Associate Provost Martensen are continuing their small group budget conversations. If you would like them to visit your department or other small group meeting, please email to get that scheduled.


Ongoing January-May Small group budget meetings
January 14 Present dashboards at Meet & Confer
Early February Dashboards released to department chairs
February 4 Update & identify budget tools at Meet & Confer
February 20 Deadline for feedback on dashboards
March 1 State revenue projection released
March 4 Draft budget plan presented at Meet & Confer for consultation
April 8 Deadline for consultation on draft plan
May 1 Final plan

Academic Affairs Budget Planning FAQ:

Frequently asked questions about the Spring 2021 Academic Affairs Budget Planning Process.

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