Proposed New Schools

On behalf of Interim Provost Matt Cecil:

During the Fall 2019 semester, the campus community discussed a proposal for new academic structures followed by a series of listening meetings, an administration survey, a Faculty Association survey, and FA listening meetings. At the December Faculty Association/Administration Meet & Confer, the Administration and FA agreed on the creation of four work groups to flesh out the ideas during the spring semester.

Based on the feedback received through multiple channels, the administration recommends that while the areas to be addressed are appropriate and represent strategic opportunities for our campus, the specific structures (especially new colleges and institutes) cited in the initial proposal caused confusion.

With that in mind, we propose that the Spring 2020 work groups consider the possibility of creating four schools:

  • School of Global Studies
  • School of Applied Agriculture
  • School of Applied Science (Polytech)
  • School of Library & Learning

As envisioned in the process that led to the ongoing work around the School of Communication, schools are containers for innovative and potentially interdisciplinary programming and curriculum. They are student success, and faculty success communities, designed to be nimble and address student, faculty, and employer needs. Schools are "portable," and scalable and can be redistributed if a new college structure emerges in Phase 2 of this ongoing conversation. They do not require any roster changes, nor do they lock our campus into a structure prior to broader and more extensive faculty, staff, student, and administration conversations about the appropriate college structures for our campus.

See the below PDF (New Schools Charge) for further information about the work groups, including their composition and charge.

New Schools Charge

Kind regards,

Matt Cecil, Interim Provost & Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs