Clerical Support

Part-time Clerical Support

  • Temporary Vacancy
  • Vacation or Medical Leave Coverage
  • Special Projects 

If you want us to take on the clerical duties of someone who is on medical leave, we recognize your salary budget is already obligated. Therefore, OSS, without charge, will supply the department up to 20 hours of coverage. However, if the department has a vacant position and you need coverage while someone is recruited to fill the position, OSS will charge back hours at a rate of $45.00 per hour.

Guidelines for Granting Office Support Services 
Temporary and Emergency Assistance

A request should be completed or submitted via Temporary and Emergency Assistance Request (form), e-mail or phone call to Office Support Services at (507)389-2173. The request should include:

  • Type of skills required.
  • Length of need (begin and end dates and hours, i.e. 8:00 am - 4:30 pm ).
  • Urgency of the request and consequences of lack of assistance.
  • Requests will be processed as received.
  • The urgency of the request will be evaluated by Office Support Services and a determination of assistance made.
  • Assignments that go beyond 3 months will be evaluated for further need if OSS receives additional requests.
  • Temporary assistance for last minute requests will be processed if OSS has no prior commitments.