Campus Computer Store - Request for Interdepartmental Purchase Form

Process for Campus Computer Store Purchases Made by Minnesota State Mankato Departments.

Steps for Making Campus Computer Store Purchases

Minnesota State Mankato Departments should follow these steps for making Campus Computer Store purchases.

  1. Contact the Campus Computer Store for assistance in researching your purchase, verifying price quotes, and obtaining item numbers.
  2. Complete the “Campus Computer Store Inter-Departmental Purchase Form” 

    Please note that the form requires departments to provide a signature by one of the individuals listed as an authorized signer for the indicated cost center account number.

  3. Print the completed form and deliver it to the Campus Computer Store in person or by faxing it to 389-5289.
  4. If the items being purchased are in stock, they can be picked up in person at the Campus Computer Store by authorized individuals.
  5. If the items being purchased are not in stock, Campus Computer Store staff will order the products.  When the items are received, they will be delivered to the department’s office by Campus Computer Store staff or ITS staff.
  6. When departments receive the items ordered, the expense will be charged back to the cost center account number indicated at the time of purchase similar to how other service center charges such as copy charges are handled.  Departments will be charged back on a weekly basis.

If you have any questions about these new procedures, please contact the Campus Computer Store at 389-1907 or

Campus Computer Store - Request for Interdepartmental Purchase Form