Spring Tuition Waiver

December 27, 2021 |

The Tuition Waiver application is listed under your Dashboard in Employee Home. You will need your STAR ID & Password to login. A Quick Reference Guide is available on our HR Tuition Waiver page.


  1. Log in to Employee Home, with your starID and Password.
  2. Create your tuition waiver request(s). You will need the following information:
    1. Semester (be sure and make sure you pick the correct semester from the drop-down menu)
    2. Student Tech ID
    3. Institution where credits will be waived at
    4. Number of credits being waived
    5. Graduate or Undergraduate
  3. Submit your tuition waiver request(s)
  4. Check back in 2-3 days to confirm that the waiver is processed. Problems or errors will only be communicated thru the Online Tuition Waiver site. Confirmation e-mails WILL NOT be sent.


  • Make sure you or your dependent(s) check their bill information to make sure the tuition waiver gets processed in a timely manner.
  • All users of tuition waiver benefits must apply online no later than 10 days following the start of the course for which the user is applying. If no class date is specified (e.g. Independent Study), deadline is 10 days after the start of the respective semester/session. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • (IFO) Spring semester waivers cannot be applied for until your Fiscal Year 2022-Spring Semester assignment(s) is loaded into the HR System, which comes thru as PROCESSED from records in FWM. · You can access FWM by going into your Employee Home and clicking on FWM under Employee Applications, which resides under your Dashboard,. Once your FWM assignment has been PROCESSED, you may apply for the waiver.
  • Insufficient work-time faculty members (Adjuncts teaching < 4 credits) are eligible for tuition waiver under the terms of IFO Article 27, based on the inclusion language in the Commissioner’s Plan, 1-Coverage, 4th paragraph (page 2). In other words, all adjunct instructors are eligible for tuition waiver. The number of credits available to adjunct instructors shall be equal to the number of credits taught within that year (Fall/Spring).
  • Please be patient - if you can’t apply today, try again in a few days.


If you have problems or questions with the tuition waiver system, please contact JoAnn Scholtz in Human Resources at (507)389-2191 or joann.scholtz@mnsu.edu.

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