Well-Being Program and Reward

Deadline October 31, 2022

October 05, 2022 |

The deadline to earn 300 well-being points to get $70 off your 2023 individual medical deductible is approaching! The well-being program challenges you to participate in healthy activities throughout the year. Each year when you complete the program, the first $70 of your deductible will be paid the following year. The challenge is open to all benefit-eligible state employees.

How to get started

  1. Get set up with Virgin Pulse. Virgin Pulse is our well-being program vendor. Visit their page online to create an account, or download their mobile app. Please note: If you use the “Focused” Inbox in Outlook, emails from Virgin Pulse appear in the “Other” tab.
  2. View the list of healthy activities. Everyone has different health goals. The well-being program allows you to choose from a variety of healthy activities, each with a point value associated. Only a few activities can be completed more than once, and they are indicated on the activities list.
  3. Collect 300 points. Because health is all about balance, you’ll need to complete two or more activities to reach 300 points and earn your reward. Virgin Pulse automatically tracks your points when you complete activities on their platform or participate in select statewide campaigns. You'll need to manually log other activities you complete in Virgin Pulse. Report activities in the Home tab by selecting “How to Earn.”

If you have questions, please contact Emily Engesser or Letetia Klebel in Human Resources at 507-389-2015 or by emailing Benefits and Leaves at: benefits-and-leaves@mnsu.edu.