Last Day of Attendance

Date of Adoption

January 16, 2012

Effective Date of Last Review

August 2022

Date of Last Review

September 2021

Date of Next Review

September 2027

Custodian of Policy

Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs


Last date of attendance information is collected from instructors at the time of grade entry via the electronic grading system for students who partially attended a course and earned an “F” or “NC” grade.  It is also collected for students who “Never Attended” a course.  The following is information on Partial Attendance/Never Attended:

Partial Attendance (F or NC)

The following is the definition of Partially Attended:

  • Residential Course: Student stopped attending class for a seat-time course and did not withdraw.
  • Online Course: Student stopped submitting work via the course management system and did not withdraw.

Non-attendance (W)

Entry of a grade of “W” occurs automatically when an instructor enters information at the time of grade entry that a student has never attended class or participated in class-related activities.  The grade of “W” can only be entered by an instructor at the time of grade entry for non-attendance.  Other than this situation, a student is responsible for withdrawing from a course(s).

The following is the definition of Never Attended:

  • Residential Course: Student never attended class for a seat-time course.
  • Online Course: Student never submitted work via the course management system.


Students who wish to contest last date of attendance information supplied by an instructor may submit an appeal within ten business days (days on which classes are taught) after the grade submission period ends following the procedure outlined in the University’s Grade Appeals policy.

Note: Students are encouraged to talk to their instructors before beginning this procedure to attempt to resolve the matter informally.


The University is obligated to provide attendance information to various stakeholders regarding certain student populations, e.g., student athletes, international students on student visas and students who receive financial aid or other funding such as veterans’ benefits.