Non-Motorized Devices and Electric Mobility Devices

Date of Adoption

June 1, 2007

Effective Date of Last Review

August 2023

Date of Last Review

September 2022

Date of Next Review

September 2029

Custodian of Policy

Vice President for Finance and Administration


Minnesota State University, Mankato supports the safe and responsible use of non-motorized devices on its campus as a convenient, efficient and environmentally friendly transportation alternative when used safely and respectfully.   

The University attempts to advance the use of a wide range of transportation options among members of the campus community. Using a bicycle or other non-motorized transportation is environmentally friendly and reduces the level of harmful air-borne emissions.


  • Non-motorized devices include but may not be limited to bicycles, unicycles, skateboards, longboards, and roller blades/skates or similar wheeled devices.
  • Electric mobility devices include electric skateboards, powered wheeled devices, hoverboards or other motorized and/or battery powered devices.  Although motorized, these are covered by this policy.
  • Personal Assistive Mobility Devices used to assist disabled individuals as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) are exempt from this policy on campus and in parking lots.
  • All devices operating on streets within and around campus must comply with state and municipal vehicular and traffic laws.
  • Appropriate areas of use: Devices covered by this policy may be operated on paved sidewalks adjoining streets, walkways and plazas within and across campus.
  • Inappropriate areas of use: No devices covered under this policy may be operated inside any campus building or structure unless applicable per ADA or for documented medical needs or purposes.  


  • Operators of devices covered under this policy must be alert to their personal safety, the safety of pedestrians and other devices to avoid collisions, injuries and property damage to themselves and those with whom they share pathways, parking areas and sidewalks.
  • The operation of or charging of devices covered under this policy inside of campus buildings is not allowed unless applicable per ADA or for documented medical needs or purposes.
  • Users of devices covered under this policy are permitted to operate them outdoors on campus. Users must make their own determinations and judgments that conditions are suitable for the use and activity.
  • Tricks or stunts such as jumping off of walls, stairs and other potentially hazardous activities are not permitted on campus.