Parking and Transportation

Date of Adoption

July 1, 2011

Effective Date of Last Review

July 1, 2018

Date of Last Review

September 2017

Date of Next Review

September 2024

Custodian of Policy

Vice President for Finance and Administration


Minnesota State University, Mankato permits are required for parking on campus except for metered stalls, the Visitor Pay Lot, and any lot designated as a “free parking” lot. Fees and procedures are approved annually by the University President (or designee).

Parking and driving on campus are permitted in accordance with regulations which are designed to control movement of vehicles. Anyone operating a vehicle on campus is responsible for being familiar with and complying with all parking and traffic regulations.

Minnesota State Mankato assumes no responsibility for care of, damage to, and/or protection of any vehicle or its contents at anytime while it is operated or parked on the campus. All vehicles should be locked when left unattended


  1. Minnesota State Mankato assigns responsibility for developing recommendations for parking fees and procedures, as well as administering the parking and busing programs, to an institutional staff member (currently the Facilities Services Director), who also serves as the Parking and Transportation Advisory Committee Chairperson.
  2. A handbook is updated annually and made available which includes all regulations relating to parking, buses and shuttles, etc.
  3. Space and rates are subject to change.
  4. Parking permit registrants are assigned a color-coded permit valid in designated areas.
  5. The purchase of a parking permit does not guarantee space availability unless specific assignment of a space is made. Over 5,400 parking spaces now exist on campus. Rates are based on proximity to the center of campus. Parking & Traffic Guidelines Handbooks are available from The Campus Hub, University Security, and the Cashier’s Office. For parking permit prices and locations, go to
  6. The vehicle owner is responsible for finding a legal parking space.
  7. To purchase a University parking permit customers may: (1) go to Parking and Transportation’s online purchasing process; (2) purchase directly from the University Cashiers (1st floor Wigley Administration Center); or (3) in the case of temporary permits, purchase a short-term temporary parking permit from The Campus Hub.
  8. Permit coverage for stalls begins the first day of fall semester classes. Reduced rates are offered as the year progresses. To obtain a replacement permit, a person must bring in the permit or a portion of the damaged sticker and it will be replaced. Special parking arrangements should be made by using a Request for Guest Parking and/or Special Events form. One day free parking permits for special guests are available from the Campus Hub and the Facilities Services office. Departmental guests may park in the pay lot free using a one-usage complimentary pay lot pass which is provided by the department.
  9. The Facilities Service Director, in consultation with the Parking and Transportation Advisory Committee, administers the Parking & Transportation Program. A hearing is held in March of each year to seek formal public response of proposals for change.
  10. A Parking Citation Appeals Board has been established to review written appeals from individuals challenging citations received for campus parking violations (personal appearance is optional).
  11. Appeals                                                                                           Policy and Budget

Parking Citation Appeals Board Liaison                                Facilities Services Director
389-2111, WC 222                                                                          389-5466
                                                      Parking Website:

12. A contract with the Greater Mankato Transit System shall identify busing routes and services. Funding for such services shall be derived in part from mandatory student activity fees related to the Student Senate (MSSA) endorsed Green Transportation initiative wherein MavCard users using any city bus, including the University’s U-Zone route buses, ride free of charge.


Authority for establishing parking & traffic regulations on state university campuses is granted by Minnesota Statute 136F.53 and Minnesota Statute 169.966. Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Procedure 5.11.1 Part 4 Mandatory fees, Subpart B states that colleges and universities may collect fines and towing fees for parking violations as well as authorizes the development of a policy to charge parking fees to generate revenue for parking lot construction improvements and maintenance, and parking enforcement. The president shall determine the fees. Students shall pay an amount that is equal to or less than that paid by the institutions employees for the same type of parking. A Parking and Transportation Advisory Committee, a panel which includes student representatives and collective bargaining unit members, exists for budget review, policy development and capacity enhancement. The parking and transportation budget, built on a self-supporting basis, is used to maintain the lots, cost of enforcement and administration of the overall program.