Presidential Teaching Scholar Fellowships

The purpose of the fellowship program is to provide support for faculty in their commitments to teaching and learning at Minnesota State University, Mankato. Each fellow will be engaged in a teaching and learning project that will be unique and innovative, going beyond routine course preparation and revisions, and enhance both the fellow’s teaching and their students’ learning.

Current Presidential Teaching Scholar Fellowship Program Recipients:

Analia Dall’Asen & Jorge Mendez (Physics & Astronomy)
Expanding Physics Advanced Laboratory to Enhance Experimental and Analytical Skills
Alfredo Duplat (Spanish)

Diversifying GenEds: Integrating Spanish into CMST 102 (Public Speaking)

Samantha Katner & Charles Krois (Chemistry & Geology)

Designing a Western Blot Method Optimized for the Time Constraints of a Biochemistry Teaching Lab

Dan Moen & Emily Stark (Family Consumer Science & Psychology)
Our Origin Stories: A Step Towards Empathy and Cultural Understanding
Thad Shunkwiler (Health Science)

Teaching Clinical Courses via FlexSync: Examining the Faculty-Student Relationship

Past Presidential Teaching Scholar Fellowship Program Recipients