Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management

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We are committed to supporting the University's mission and values by sustaining and enhancing a safe and healthy environment for Minnesota State Mankato. Our goals are to keep the campus community safe by mitigating the risk of injury, reducing our impact on the environment, and maintaining compliance within the areas of workplace, lab, and fire safety. EHSRM Fountain SharePoint Site

Office of Radiation Safety

The University is committed to maintaining exposures of radiation to faculty, staff, students, and the public, resulting from the use of radiation sources in teaching and research.


Minimizing the environmental impact of activities conducted here at Minnesota State Mankato. These activities include, but are not limited to, emissions control, hazardous waste management, asbestos abatement, and chemical spill responses.


We are here to help with your ergonomic concerns. We have a limited budget designated for purchasing equipment and furniture to help ensure a comfortable and safe work space.


Effective dissemination of safety information to employees including occupational health and safety rules, standards, and applicable policies.

Insurance and Risk Management

Tasked with implementing health and safety measures and with making contingency plans to limit risks and prepare for when things go wrong. We conduct policy audits and enforce compliance to standards.

Environmental Health, Safety & Risk Management Directory

Environmental Health and Safety staff at Minnesota State Mankato

Student Injury/Incident Near Miss Reporting Form

A form to report any student injury/incident near miss.