Safety Training

Safety Training Curriculum

Employees will receive automatic e-mail notices from the ELM System (Enterprise Learning Management). These Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) and Minnesota Pollution Control Administration (MPCA) safety trainings have been chosen to meet these agency requirements according to your job classification and responsibilities. Most of the training requirements are annual requirements campus-wide.

You have the entire academic year to complete the trainings. Once all trainings are complete, the curriculum will say “complete,” too.

Access the training

  1. Log in to the State of Minnesota Self Service site using your eight digit State ID Number and password. (Please check with the HR Office if you do not yet have a State ID Number.)
  2. Choose the State of MN Self Service link.
  3. Choose the Enterprise Learning Mgmt (ELM) link, and then the Enterprise Learning Mgmt (ELM) folder (or choose the Instructions folder for directions on using ELM).
  4. Choose the My Learning option under Quick Links to launch your training assignments.
  5. Use the Launch Icon and Launch link to initiate the modules. Consult the attached guide for detailed instructions.

Online Access Note

  • Faculty who do not have an active teaching assignment between semesters will not be able to access ELM courses.
  • New employees will not have access to ELM until 24-48 hours after receiving their state ID number.
  • New employees and faculty will be able to access the Self Service and ELM interface, but when they click on a learning activity, they will receive an ‘Internal Learner Id is not valid’ or similar message. Contact the with questions.

Online Video Points

  • The videos have bookmarks now so you can stop and re-start a training where you left off.
  • As the guide outlines, simply “Launch” the course from the My Learning page.
  • If the video does not start, make sure to turn off Pop-up Blocker and enable Flash Player (if prompted).
  • If you are using FireFox, your training will likely open in a new window (look at the FireFox icon at the bottom of your computer screen if you do not see it open).
  • The vendor courses (SkillSoft) have two requirements,1) view all of the content (video/slides), and 2) pass the quiz with 100%.
  • For the quizzes and activities, you have more than one try if you do not pass. If you do not pass the first time, do not exit the course, take the quiz again immediately.

Why Safety Training is Necessary

Employee Safety

Effective dissemination of safety information is essential to employee safety and is required by occupational health and safety rules, standards, and applicable policies. It is necessary to provide training for employees concerning general work practices and emergency procedures as well as specific instruction with respect to hazards unique to each employee’s job assignment.

All supervisors will ensure newly hired employees attend all required trainings at the earliest opportunity. When training is required by law or policy, training shall take place prior to initiating the work assignment.

Dependent upon the work environment, job tasks, duties and materials

The required trainings applicable to various Minnesota State Mankato employees are listed on the ELM website. The specific training is dependent upon the work environment, job tasks, duties and/or materials, tools and equipment utilized in the job or profession. When training is required by law or policy, training shall take place prior to initiating the work assignment.

Help reduce the risk of occupational accident or illness and prevent unnecessary property damage

Recommended training programs are designed to help reduce the risk of occupational accident or illness and prevent unnecessary property damage and loss to a department or program. Although not legally required, these recommended trainings may provide an enhancement in managing the risks of occupational injuries and illnesses or loss. Minnesota State Mankato administrators, managers and supervisors are encouraged to identify the EHS Recommended Training Programs that will benefit the employees under their supervision.

Training Records

Training records will include the topics, participants and dates of completion or attendance. SRM will maintain a record of all training provided by SRM and completed by each employee. Minnesota State Mankato shall ensure that all records of employee safety training are created and maintained either by SRM, departments, or if established, a central training records repository.