Receiving and Delivery

Receiving Services

The majority of equipment, goods and materials utilized by Minnesota State Mankato are delivered to our Wiecking Center Lot 17 loading dock connected to Receiving and Delivery Services. 



Packages are checked in with tracking numbers, recorded and delivered to the appropriate campus departments. 

If your department is expecting packages when your department staff is away for an extended time (2 or more days), notify Delivery Services ( 389-2465) or Receiving (389-1519) to hold your package(s), until there is someone in the department who has authority to sign for the package(s). 


University related packages may be shipped out through the University through the Office of Delivery and Receiving. If department needs to ship something out bring your packages to our office, WC207, between the hours of 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM. 

We no not handle personal package shipments, incoming or outgoing.

Freight Companies

Standard freight companies that make daily stops to the University are FedEX, UPS, or Speedee.

University Receiving Officer


Tammy Melvin
Receiving Officer
(507) 389-1519

Delivery & Surplus Services

For office moves, pickup and delivery of supplies and equipment, submit a

Deliveres | Pickup | Surplus Request

Free see-through large plastic tubs with lids are available from University Stores and are free of charge to departments having to pack up and move elsewhere on campus - avoid using cardboard boxes which bring with them their own set of problems - plastic tubs slide well on carpeted surfaces and you can more easily see what is in the clear plastic tub. University Stores would like the plastic tubs returned.

Surplus Items

Delivery Services & Surplus Coordinator


Ricky Melvin
Delivery Services and Surplus Coordinator
(507) 389-2465