A Supervisor's Handbook for Hiring Student Employees

When employing a Minnesota State University, Mankato student, the student should be instructed of the procedures involved and student payroll policies in effect on the beginning date of employment. Each department/chairperson and/or supervisor is responsible for notifying their student employees of these policies and procedures to ensure compliance with them.

The following forms are required by the Student Payroll Office when hiring a student:

  1. W-4 (Federal) and W-4MN (Minnesota) (employee's withholding allowances) to be completed by student employee before they begin working. If not a U.S. citizen see exception for International Students.
  2. I-9 (Immigration form) to be completed by student employee before they being working. If not a U.S. citizen see exception for International Students.
  3. Work Authorization Form
    • For Student Help - The WAF (PDF) is to be completed by the supervisor before the student begins working and turned in to the Student Payroll Office with the W-4 and I-9 at the start of the pay period. Instructions are on the back of the WAF form.
    • For Work-Study is the contract award that is processed by Student Financial Services. The Supervisor logs in to the Work-Study Assignment Profile Questionnaire and reviews their work-study contracts and prints them out and turns them into the Student Payroll Office.
    • For Graduate Assistants. Due dates for these forms are on the payday/timesheet schedule. Upon input by Student Payroll, a work authorization number is assigned and can be referenced when the student's name appears on the next Pay Roster (green sheet).

Prior Student Employees

If a student has previously worked for the University, they do not need to complete the W-4 and I-9 again as they are already on the Student Payroll System. However, a Work Authorization would be necessary for their new job.

The University Bookstore (Maverick Shop), University Dining Services and the on-campus Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union are not campus employment.

Exceptions to the Above

International students must go to the Kearney International Center to complete the W-4 and I-9. They may have additional tax forms to complete. For example, the 8233 form may need to be completed if students wish to be exempt from withholding taxes if their home country has a treaty with the U.S. specifying this to be exempt for their treaty. Also, the Tax Residency Form may need to be completed. ISC will bring these forms, when complete, to the Payroll Office.

Work Permits

The work permit is an authorization for International Students to accept on-campus employment. These forms are completed at the Kearney International Center and input to ISRS. The supervisor must see a copy and must not hire a student or allow them to work if the work permit date has expired.

Routing IDs

Routing IDs are set up by the Student Payroll Office for the purpose of delivering the pay roster. This ID determines the job location of the student employee. It is not a University Mailing Address.

The Routing ID is included with information completed by the Supervisor on the Work Authorization Form. If a new Routing ID or change is needed (ex. Bldg or Room) please contact the Student Payroll Office.

Timesheet Instructions


Payday Schedule

Direct Deposit

Students are paid on Student Payroll by direct deposit of their payroll payment.

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