Faculty Workload Management

The Faculty Assignment Management Automation (FAMA) project was implemented to greatly improve the speed, efficiency, and accuracy with which faculty are paid for the work they do. The end result is a fully-integrated, automated Faculty Workload Management (FWM) application that leverages ISRS course schedule information to build faculty assignments in the HR/SCUPPS system. The FWM application will allow you to review courses and details about instructor workload at any time, and with the appropriate security role, you may also make updates, approve and process workload records.

Faculty Workload Management Resources

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Tips and Tricks

  • Review the ‘Credits to Pay Summary’at the top of each faculty’s Workload Details page in FWM each time a faculty’s records are worked on. It provides a summary of credits broken out by term and Regular, Non-Instructional, and Overload credits. A quick review of this will alert to proper credit balance between semesters, regular and non-instructional credits, and overloads.
  • Semester credits of 15 or more credits must include overload credits. Anything over 14 credits in a semester is overload.
  • Other than infrequent special circumstances, the academic year total must amount to 24 creditsor more. The Regular plus Non-Instructional credits must add up to 24 and additional credits must be listed as overload.
  • Academic Year Assignments based on credits should be split between semesters. E.g. A Chair with 12 credits should be split into two assignments, one for fall for 6 credits and a second for spring for 6 credits. If left as one big assignment covering the whole AY, FWM will apply all the credits to only fall.
  • Watch for missing cost centers. The approver cannot approve, nor can HRprocess,records until the cost centers have been input.
  • Use the dates that are actually associated with the assignment.
    • An assignment that covers the entire semester should use the semester dates. E.g. two extra days given for work that occurred sporadicallyover the entire semester.
    • An assignment for specific days during the semester should only use those specific dates.E.g. two extra days given for work that happened on two specific dates.
  • Use the appropriate codes. Use the Assignment Type Matrix available on the SharePoint as a reference.
    • A number of the codes are specifically for use with only the primary 24 academic year credits. These should not be used for overload credits, additional days, and assignments over breaks, etc.
    • A number of the codes are specifically for use with only assignments that are in addition to the primary 24 academic year credits.
    • Adjuncts – use only the part time codes.
  • Use accurate descriptions of clarify the purpose of the assignment.
  • Attach documents that provide more detail when appropriate.
    • These attachments are for archival proof or additional clarification. E.g. Grant Approval document, Letter of Approval from President to exceed max workload, document detailing duties of special assignment being paid, etc.
    • They are not for providing additional direction to HR that is not in the assignment itself.
  • There are no codes in FWM that are appropriate to record Leaves of any kind. Do not try to input Leaves.
    • If a faculty starts the semester, but goes out on Leave mid-semester, do not touch the assignments, leave the faculty with the full credits.HR will calculate the appropriate portion that should be changed to Leave status.
    • The substitute should be enteredin for only the appropriate portion covered.
  • The IFO contract does not allow Fixed Dollar payments, except possibly via Grants/Outside Contracts or through a MOA (Memorandum of Agreement). Do not attempt them.
  • Adjuncts can only be paid in credits. There are specific part-time codes to use with adjuncts. Use descriptions to clarify what the assignment is for. E.g. 2207-Research is reassigned time for regular faculty that is part of their regular 24 credits. Adjunct research would be coded as 2211-PartTime, Non-Instructional, which would need a description added that the assignment was for research.