Hiring Process Resources

For new hiring or rehiring employees, the below link contains materials, forms, and processing guidelines for both Classified Employment and Unclassified Employment as well as on-boarding and orientation information. Included you will find search forms, the search process, and information on various topics including position requisitions, selection, search committees, job postings, advertisement, screening forms, hiring documents, and more.

Hiring And Orientation

Materials for helping the hiring and or rehiring employees, as well as materials to help onboard them as they begin their new job.

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Hiring Processes

Processing guidelines for both Classified Employment and Unclassified Employment. Instructions on the specific procedures as well as the corresponding forms.

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New Unclassified Appointments

Processing guidelines for new unclassified appointments for Minnstate Administrators, Minnesota State University Administrative and Service Faculty (MSUAASF) and Inter Faculty Organization (IFO). Search information, offer letter and employee profile information for new unclassified appointments.

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Classified Hiring Process

Guidelines for properly requesting and filling a classified position. Starting with a Position Requisition form and what a complete fulfillment packet should include.

Classified Hiring Process

Adjunct Unclassified Appointments

This process is designed to efficiently and effectively assign teaching load with appropriate compensation to adjunct faculty.

Adjunct Unclassified Appointments

Applicant Information Requests

Applicants for employment at Minnesota State University, Mankato may be requested to provide additional information. Here are some of the common information forms.

Applicant Information Requests