Per Minnesota State Board Procedure 5.14.2 Minnesota State University, Mankato is required to prepare Professional/Technical contracts for all companies and individuals who will be paid to perform a task or service.

Examples of Professional/Technical contracts would include, but are not limited to speakers, entertainers and consultants.  All accounts, including student organizations, activity accounts, grants, foundation, etc., are required to use contracts. 

Difference Between a Contract and Purchase Order

Contracts are for

  • Purchased Services
  • Income
  • Software License Agreements
  • Intra/Inter Agency between MinnState or other State Agencies
  • Intellectual Property
  • Real Estate
  • Data

Purchase Order (PO)

  • Describes the goods or services to be acquired from external vendors
  • Encumbers funds in the accounting system for the related financial commitment

Initiate a Contract


Marketplace (for Contract Managers Only)


Types of Contracts