Contract Types

Consultant/Professional or Technical Services

This type of contract is required any time someone is hired to perform a task(s) versus purchasing a product.  These contracts are predominately for consultation analysis, evaluation, prediction, planning, or recommending policies or courses of action and which result in the production of a report or result in the completion of a task.  Any agreement entered into for consultant, professional, or technical services usually on a short-term basis for a definite period of time and for a specific purpose.  Speakers or entertainers who reside outside the state and are contracted for over $2,000 will have a 2% entertainer’s tax withheld from the total contracted amount.

Customized Training

This type of contract is required when providing specific training instruction or for short-term use of instructional space or equipment.

Income Contracts

These contracts are required when a Minnesota State institution provides a service to a non-state agency and is paid for the services performed and goods or materials supplied.

Inter-Agency Agreements

This type of contract is required when contracting with another State agency.

Intra-Agency Agreements

This type of contract is required only when contracting with another Minnesota State institution

Joint Powers of Agreement

This type of contract is required when entering into a contract with other governmental entities, i.e., city, town, school district, or other political subdivision.


Lease agreements would be completed for use of university property for non-university activities i.e., tower space, floor space, storage or off-campus classroom space.  A lease may not exceed five (5) years at a time without the approval of the State Executive Council.  State property may not be leased out for more than twenty-five (25) years. 


M-Contracts or “Master” contracts are contracts that include the provision of services at specified rates.  Master contracts are means of establishing a vendor list of contractors from whom to choose when a specific service is needed.  These contracts pertain mainly to construction projects at the University.

Guidelines and Forms

Facilities Use Agreements

These contracts are written when someone or a group wishes to use Minnesota State Mankato owned facilities.  Before a contract can be written, University Scheduling and Conference Services should be contacted.

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