Initiate a Contract

Lead Time

To ensure the contract is fully signed before work begins, start the steps below at least 4-6 weeks prior to work beginning. Legal reviews, software agreements, and other various contracts take time to process and route through the electronic signature process.

Guest Lecturers, Performers, and Other Low-Risk Services

Contract Form Video Tutorial

How to Initiate a Contract

Step 1 - Payment Option for Contract

  1. Will you be paying by Credit Card or Purchase Order?
    1. Credit Card - go to Step 2 "Complete the Contract"
    2. Purchase Order - go to the next step
      1. A vendor number is necessary in order to prepare a purchase order.
        1. Do a Vendor Search (Vendor Search Guide)
          1. Login
          2. Select Accounting (Queries drop-down menu) or Purchasing (drop-down menu on the top left)
          3. Select Vendor Search
        2. If no vendor number is available, you will need to have the vendor self-register.
      2. Create Purchase Order
      3. Go to Step 2 "Complete the Contract"

Note: Processing a Purchase Order does not initiate a contract. For purchase Order assistance, contact Business Services at 507-389-5017.

Step 2 - Complete the Contract

Step 3 - Complete the payment process for vendors who do not provide their own invoice

  • Complete a CS1441 (PDF) substitute form. Upon completion of services, the form must be signed by both the authorized department approver and the vendor. Please forward the completed form to Business Services (WA236).
  • All invoices must include a purchase order number, the dates of service, and a summary of services provided.
  • Checks will be mailed to the company or individual after work is completed. No check will be processed for pickup unless it is a requirement of the company or individual.
  • For assistance in processing payments, please contact Business Services at 507-389-2369 or email at

Things to Keep in Mind


  • The contract will be an electronic signature process
  • A fully executed Contract and PO are required before any services begin
  • Once a Draft contract is created, the contract approval process will be done via email from SciQuest. A signature email will come from DocuSign once the Draft is finalized
  • Worker Classification Questions. If a worker/independent contractor contract is over a week and/or ongoing throughout the year and is not a Guest Lecturer/Speaker, Referee/Athletic Official, S-Corp, or C-Corp, please submit the following Worker Classification Question form (PDF).
  • Contracts must be fully signed by all parties and fully executed before any work or services begin to comply with Minnesota Statutes 16A.15. If work begins prior to a contract being fully signed, you are in violation of this Statute and a 16A.15 form (PDF) will be sent to you for completion. 16A violation forms are kept on file and are subject to review by internal and legislative audits.

Delegation of Authority

Only authorized personnel with an approved Delegation of Authority (on file with the Finance & Administration Office) may sign contracts obligating Minnesota State University, Mankato. Currently, Anne Gillespie, Vice President of Finance & Facilities, is authorized to sign contractual obligations up to $100,000.00. Dr. Edward Inch, the President, signs obligations of $100,000.00 and above along with an authorized approval from the Office of the Chancellor (the Contracts Office will obtain).


Funds must be encumbered prior to the contract’s start date or final signature (whichever occurs later). Funds are encumbered on the Accounting System when a Purchase Order number has been generated


Amendments/Addendums will not be initiated if an invoice is submitted for more than the contracted amount. Please calculate contracted dollar amounts carefully. To initiate an amendment/addendum, please email

Hiring a State Employee or Student

  • If you would like to hire a State employee, please contact the Human Resources Office.
  • If you would like to hire a student please see the Student Payroll website.

Fiscal Year

Submit one Contract Form for services needed not to exceed five years.

Service Construction Contracts

Service Construction Contracts are initiated with Jill Rollings in Facilities Management. Examples of Service Construction Contracts would include but are not limited to on-campus installations and repairs. Service Contracts with a value of $50,000.00 or more will require a Request for Proposal process.

Thank you for your assistance in helping Minnesota State University, Mankato complies with Minnesota State Policies.