Graduate Assistant Policies

Policies and Payroll Information for the Graduate Assistant

Payroll - Your Pay

You will be paid for your Graduate Assistantship on the Minnesota State University, Mankato Student Payroll. Pay periods are two weeks in length with paydays following ten days later. Your department will give you a copy of your Work Authorization Form (WAF). This form (WAF) has your contract dollar amount and days in your contract period. You are paid bi-weekly, so your gross pay is calculated by taking the number of calendar days (Monday through Friday) in your contract period and dividing that number of days into the contract amount, and then multiplying that amount by number of days in the pay period (usually 10). Your department has a schedule of the pay periods and pay days or you can check it out at our Student Payroll Pay Dates web page.

Direct Deposit of Student Pay on Payday

Minnesota State University, Mankato offers you a program called Direct Deposit. This program allows you to have your funds conveniently deposited directly into your MavCARD/ bank account. To signup, change or verify your direct deposit information.

Semester Enrollment

Graduate Assistants must be enrolled for a minimum of six (6) graduate credits for each semester.

Summer Enrollment

Summer graduate assistantships are permitted with proration in the stipend, hours per week of work, and may offer tuition waiver. There is no minimum enrollment requirement for summer graduate assistants provided they are registered, or plan to register, for courses during the upcoming fall semester.

Worker's Compensation

All employees including graduate assistants and student workers who sustain an injury while performing the duties of their position, should immediately report the incident to their supervisor and contact the Human Resources Office for the purpose of preparing a First Report of Injury form. Questions should be directed to Human Resources, phone 2016, Wigley Administration Center, room 336.

Tax forms

W-2 forms (tax forms) are mailed in January to your permanent address that you have on file with the student registration system. Check with the Campus Hub, by early January, regarding your address to make sure your tax forms will be mailed to a current address.


Any intention of Graduate Assistantship terminating, the Department Chair or appropriate hiring official needs to complete a Work Authorization Form (WAF) to terminate the employee.

Tuition Reduction and Residency

Graduate Assistant tuition waiver amount and residency status are determined by the Graduate Studies Office.

Exceptions to this policy should be submitted in writing to the Dean of Graduate Studies.

Guidelines for Working Student Help Hours

Based on the amount of the graduate assistantship, some students may also work regular student help hours.

Compensation Guidelines

For Questions and Additional Information

Contact the Graduate Studies Office at 2321.