Human Resources Calendars

Here you will find Human Resources Calendars that contain both holiday schedule's and specific payroll and other deadlines pertaining to human resources.

Payroll Calendars

Our payroll calendars contain information surrounding, pay days, pay period end dates and holidays.

Fiscal Year 2025 Payroll Calendar

Fiscal Year 2024 Payroll Calendar

Fiscal Year 2023 Payroll Calendar

Fiscal Year 2022 Payroll Calendar

Holiday Calendars

Our holiday calendars contain information based around each specific holiday and how each bargaining unit observes them.

Fiscal Year 2025 Holiday Calendar

Fiscal Year 2024 Holiday Calendar

University Calendars

For other university dates please visit our Academic Affairs calendars for information about the following:

  • Academic & Faculty Duty Day Calendars
  • Final Exam Schedules
  • Orientation Week Schedule
  • PDP Calendars
  • Program Review & Accreditation Calendars
  • Retention, Tenure & Promotion Calendar/Forms

Academic Calendars