Self Service

You as an employee have many options regarding your personal, financial and institutial informaiton.

State of Minnesota Employee Self Service Lock icon

Is a Minnstate based service where you have access to tax information, benefits enrollment, electronic learning management

  • Electronic Learning Management (ELM)
    • Access to open and required learning courses
  • Employee Self Service
    • View current and past paystubs
    • Employee pay roll functions
      • W-4 and W-2 information
      • Manage Saving Plans
      • Deferred Compensation
      • Charitable Deductions and Leave Donations
      • Direct Deposit information
      • Personal Information including,
        • Contact information
        • Skills profile
        • I-9 - complete and submit an electonic based I-9
        • Disability - add or update status
        • Drivers licenses - Vehicle Use Agreement

Employee Home Lock icon

Minnesota State Employee Home is a place to access employee informaiton, timesheet information and select applications.

  • Employee Applications
    • eTimesheets - electronic time sheets can be used for the following
      • Submission of Electronic Timesheet
      • Submission of time off reqeusts
      • Leave Accruals
    • Faculty - used to find listings and interact with
      • Student Advisees
      • Class Lists
      • Grading, LDA and grade changes
      • Overrides
    • Security Administration - used for managing ISRS secuirty options
    • Tuition Waiver - reqeust and view historical tuition waiver reqeusts
  • My Profile - this section is used to update the following
    • Personal, Contact and Emergency Contact Information
    • I-9 Information
    • Work Experience
    • Education and Professional Licenses/Certifcates
  • My Jobs - a historical listing of positions that have been held
  • My Settings - used to set your default institution and links for starID password reset.


Human Resources

eTimesheet is how we as a university keep track of our work, time off, sick time, jury duty and other time.

Unlock Time Sheet

Human Resources

If you need to unlock your time sheet after it has been submitted please email your supervisor and from your employee provided email.