Academic Appeals

Academic Forgiveness for Undergraduate Students policy and procedures:

Academic Forgiveness gives an undergraduate student a one-time opportunity to establish a new Grade Point Average (GPA). It provides returning students who have had academic difficulties at an earlier stage of their academic career the opportunity for a "second chance" at academic success in earning a degree.

Academic Forgiveness for Undergraduate Students Policy 

Grade Appeals:

Grade appeals are reviewed in instances where students perceive that a final grade is unfair, arbitrary, or capricious.

Grade Appeals Policy

Suspension-Probation Policy and Procedures: 

Students who fail to meet satisfactory academic standards will be placed on academic warning or probation. Failing to meet satisfactory academic standards for two consecutive semesters will lead to suspension.

Undergraduate Credit Hour Overload Request Form

This form is used when a student requests to register for more than 18 credits in one term. Please refer to the Maximum Credit Registration Limit Policy

General Education Substitution Procedures: 

Students wishing to have non-General Education courses from Minnesota State University, Mankato count as general education courses must do so by appeal. Such appeals are NOT encouraged and are rarely granted. Full information on the process and application materials are at Registration and Academic Records.