Monitoring Search Process

The Office of Equal Opportunity & Title IX is responsible for monitoring the recruitment and employment process for faculty, administrative staff, adjunct faculty and graduate assistants to ensure compliance with state and federal laws and regulations, as well as compliance with the Minnesota State University, Mankato mission and strategic plan regarding diversity and affirmative action.

Minnesota State University, Mankato will evaluate its selection process to determine if its requirements unnecessarily screen out a disproportionate number of women, minorities, or individuals with disabilities. Minnesota State University, Mankato will use the monitoring the hiring process form for every hire to track the number of women, minorities, individuals with disabilities and veterans in each stage of the selection process. Directors, managers, and supervisors will work closely with human resources and the Affirmative Action Officer in reviewing the requirements for the position, posting the position, and interviewing and selection to ensure that equal opportunity and affirmative action is carried out. Directors, managers, and supervisors will be asked to document their hiring decisions and equal opportunity professionals will review for bias.

When candidates are invited to participate in the selection process, employees scheduling the selection process will describe the process format to the candidate (e.g., interview process, testing process). All candidates will be provided information regarding the procedure to request reasonable accommodations if necessary, to allow candidates with disabilities equal opportunity to participate in the selection process. For example, describe if interview questions are offered ahead of time or what technology may be used during a test. This allows for an individual with a disability to determine if they may need a reasonable accommodation in advance of the selection process.

All personnel involved in the selection process will be trained and accountable for Minnesota State University, Mankato’s commitment to equal opportunity and the affirmative action program and its implementation.


  1. Minnesota State University, Mankato Hiring and Orientation Materials: Materials for helping the hiring and or rehiring employees. As well as materials to help onboard them as they being their new job. 
  2. Minnesota State Policy: 1B.2 Affirmative Action in Employment
  3. Building a Diverse Pool of Applicants: See the Hiring and Orientation Materials SharePoint site.