What can I do if I'm the target of discrimination or harassment?

If you feel physically threatened, remove yourself from the situation and seek help immediately from University Security at 389-2111, or dial 911 for the Mankato Police Department.

If the situation is not physically threatening, and you feel comfortable talking to the individual, tell them you’re offended by the comment or behavior and ask them to stop.

If you’re not comfortable talking directly to the individual, you can identify a third party whom you and the other individual mutually respect and ask for their assistance in helping the two of you talk through the behavior and why you found it offensive.

You should document incidents of discrimination and harassment immediately after they occur – who, when, where, what was said or done, and the names of any witnesses.

Discrimination and/or harassment complaints should be submitted to the Office of Equal Opportunity & Title IX to determine if the complaint falls under the 1B.1 Equal Opportunity and Nondiscrimination in Employment and Education Policy or for referral to another University office. Please Contact Us and/or click on Submitting a Report for more information.

Note: Under certain circumstances, sexual harassment or violence may constitute sexual abuse according to Minnesota law. In such situations, the University shall comply with the reporting requirements in Minnesota Statutes Section 626.556 (reporting of maltreatment of minors) and Minnesota Statutes Section 626.557 (Vulnerable Adult Protection Act). Nothing in the 1B.1 Equal Opportunity and Nondiscrimination in Employment and Education policy prohibits the University from taking immediate action to protect victims of alleged sexual abuse. Board Policy 1B.3 Sexual Violence addresses sexual violence.