Interim/Supportive Measures in an Investigation

Throughout the investigation process, some interim and/or supportive measures may need to be taken. The Office of Equal Opportunity & Title IX will review with complainant and respondent if interim/supportive measures need to be taken based on the report/complaint. Our office assists individuals (or parties involved) in determining supportive measures as a result of their involvement in an investigation, in continuing to pursue their education and/or continue their work. The Office of Equal Opportunity & Title IX may work with other offices such as University Security, Violence Awareness Response Program (VARP), Dean of Students, and Human Resources, in the implementation of some interim/supportive measures.

Examples of Supportive Measures*:

  • Mutual No Contact Directive for students and employees
  • Modification of course schedule and/or course format for students
  • Referral to counseling for students
  • Referral to the Employee Assistant Program for employees

Examples of Interim Measures*:

  • Housing re-assignment for students
  • Changes in work location for employees
  • Administrative leave for employees
  • Restrictions to campus access

*Measures are not guaranteed and are determined on a case-by-case basis.