Policies and Procedures

The following policies and procedures govern the work the Office of Equal Opportunity and Title IX does in relation to investigations of reports and/or complaints. Allegations that allege discrimination and/or harassment of an individual that identifies as a protected class or allegations regarding sexual violence are investigated through the Office of Equal Opportunity & Title IX. Additional allegations that fall under the Statement of Student Responsibilities or Workplace Environment Policy may also be included by the Office of Equal Opportunity & Title IX in investigations.

1B.1 Equal Opportunity and Nondiscrimination in Employment and Education Policy

1B.1.1 Investigation and Resolution Procedure

1B.3 Sexual Violence Policy

1B.3.1 Response to Sexual Violence and Title IX Sexual Harassment

Statement of Student Responsibilities

University Policy

Students are dual members of the Minnesota State University, Mankato community and society. Good citizenship is expected of all students regardless of location. Students who engage in alleged violations of the “Statement of Student Responsibilities” policy may also face civil or criminal penalties.

Workplace Environment

University Policy

While in an employment related capacity, either on University property or while conducting University business at other locations, each employee or student employee is obligated to act civilly, respectfully and professionally towards others and is prohibited from subjecting any other employee or student employee to any form of workplace violence/aggression, harassment and/or bullying.