Radiation Safety Training

Annual Radiation Training

(contact Madeline Straka for more information)

General Training

The Office of Radiation Safety will,upon require,  do general radiation safety training. This training will include general laboratory safety procedures, signage, wipe tests, and other non-specific radiation topics.

The Office of Radiation Safety Does Not provide specialized training on the use of radioactive materials and/or the use of X-Ray producing instruments.

X-Ray Producing Device (XPD) Training

While the ORS is formiliar with all X-Ray Producing Devices (XPD) and their operation, we do not train individual to use them.

The training  for these XPD are done by experienced and approved operator of the XPD of interest.

The training procedure for the XPD will vary from device to device, however, the trainee(s) will have to watch the ORS radiation safety video Double Edge Sword before they are allowed to train on the operation of the XPD.

The ORS maintains a list of all trained persons for each XPD.

Radioisotope Training

The use of radioactive material on the campus  of Minnesota State University, Mankato is strictly control by the Minnesota Department of Health. MSU,M has been issued a MDH Radioactive Materials License witch allows specific radioactive materials to be use on campus. The use is monitored by the ORS and all procedures for the use of radioactive materials ste on file.

If you wished to use radioactive material on campus you Must be listed on the MSU,M MDH Radioactive Materials License as an Authorized User of that specific radioactive material. If you are not an authorized user, you may request to become an authorized use by filling out the MSU,M Training and Experience Form and submit it to the ORS. The ORS Does Not have the authority to approved the request to become an authorized user, this can only be done at the Minnesota Department of Health upon request from the Minnesota State University, Mankato, Radiation Safety Officer.

If you need to be trained on a specific radioactive material, that training must be done by a licensed authorized user or an off-campus training program.

Videos available for check-out

  • Radiation Safety: The Key to Contamination Detection                            22 Minutes
  • Radiation Safety: The Key to Decontamination Procedures                      18 Minutes