Expense Report Instructions

Employee Expense Form

Use of Form

Use the form for the following purposes

  1. To reimburse employees for authorized travel expenses.
  2. To settle outstanding travel advances.
  3. To request reimbursement of small cash purchases paid for by employees.

Completion of Form

Employee: Complete all parts of this form that are applicable to the expenses you are submitting. If claiming reimbursement, enter actual amounts paid, up to the limits set for your bargaining unit. If you do not know these limits, refer to your union contract or contact your agency's business expense contact person. Do not enter more than the set limit for any item.

All of the data you provide on this form is public information except for your Employee ID and home address. You are not legally required to provide your home address, but the State of Minnesota cannot process certain mileage payments without it. 

Supervisor: Approve the correctness and necessity of this request in compliance with existing labor contracts and all other applicable rules and policies. Forward to the agency business expense contact person, who will then process the payments.

Final Expense For This Trip? Check this box if there will be no further expenses submitted for this trip. By doing this, any outstanding advance balance associated with this trip will be automatically deducted from the next paycheck that is issued. This may override the automatic repayment date shown on the check stub.

Employee ID: Employee ID number.

Expense Type: Select the following Expense Type(s) that apply to the expenses for which you are requesting reimbursement.

Expense Type Description
AIR Airfare
BAG Baggage Handling
BPH Business Phone
CAR Car Rental
CLN Clothing Allowance
CPY Photocopies FAX Fax
LDY Laundry
MEM Membership
MLA Mileage in Lieu of Airfare
MSC Other Expenses
SMP Supplies/Materials/Parts
TRG Training/Tuition Fee
TXI Taxi/Airport Shuttle

Travel Advances, Short-Term and Annual: An employee can only have one outstanding advance at a time. Therefore, an advance must be settled before another advance can be issued.

Funding Sources: List any purchase orders associated with the trip. Check the type of funding to be used for your reimbursement (IFO/MSUAASF contract travel, administrative travel, or other), the cost center (department account number) and the amount you should be reimbursed from each funding source.

Travel Advance Settlement: When the total expenses submitted are less than the advance amount, the employee will owe money to the state. Except for rare situations, personal checks will not be accepted for settlement of advances. Instead of submitting personal checks for the amount owed, a deduction will be taken from the employee's payroll warrant.

Itemized receipts are required for all expenses except meals, baggage handling, and parking meters or as required in collective bargaining agreements or compensation plans. 

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