Employee Travel Outside of Minnesota for College or University Related Purposes

Under no circumstances can you purchase anything for your travel before it is approved. If you do, and the travel is not approved, those expenses will not be covered.

Domestic Travel

Please complete the out of state travel form and submit to your supervisor. Domestic travel only needs to be approved through the Dean, unless the request includes a travel advance, in which case the request needs to be approved through the VP and President's offices.

International Travel

As per the updated guidance document from the Chancellor (August 6, 2021), the following is in effect until further notice for employee international travel

  • Level 3 and 4 Countries. Travel to Level 3 or Level 4 countries listed on the US Department of State Travel Advisory site will continue to require prior approval from the president and system office (System Procedure 3.41.1).

Please check the US Department of State website for travel information including:

Check with your health care provider regarding travel insurance and/or inquire about GeoBlue Insurance with the Center for Global Engagement at ipo@mnsu.edu.