Interim Acting Appointments

Unclassified Appointments Without Searches

In an effort to promote equal access and opportunity, it is the general practice of Minnesota State Mankato to hire employees in all positions through a formal Search Process. This promotes an open and competitive process and helps to ensure we are hiring in accordance with equal opportunity guidelines and principles.

Summary Statement of Equal Opportunity in Hiring Practices

Certain circumstances exist wherein an individual may be hired without a search. Different types of employment statuses are available for this purpose, including:

  • Interim: Serving in the position in a temporary capacity until a new hire is made through a formal search process (e.g. incumbent left Minnesota State Mankato on short notice).
  • Acting: Serving in the position in a temporary capacity during the absence of the permanent employee (e.g. incumbent on medical leave, leave of absence).

Under either circumstance, the appointment to interim or acting status must be made formally and approved at all necessary levels. The process to fill an interim or acting position is as follows:

Submit the following for approval:

  • Position Requisition Form (PRF) Lock icon to fill an open position
  • Search Waiver form to document the reasons for the need to do an appointment without a search
  • Position Description (PD)
  • Organizational Chart

Appointments without a search are to last no more than one year. This is to enable the affected department sufficient time to conduct a search. Any extensions beyond one year must be approved in writing in advance by the appropriate Vice President or President, Director of Equal Opportunity & Title IX and the Director of Human Resources. Such requests will be tracked to insure compliance.

Note: These appointments are distinct from fixed term appointments. Fixed term appointments are appointments for a designated period of time, e.g. one year. Fixed term appointments are subject to the same guidelines regarding appointments without searches as set forth above.