A to Z Human Resources Topics and Forms

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ADA, Accommodation Request Form

ADA, Authorization to Release Medical Information Form

ADA, Disability Services, Reasonable Accommodations

Address Change Online
Home Address Only - Employee Home > my profile tab > Contact information

Adjunct Faculty Handbook

Adjunct Hiring Communication Email Template Lock icon

Adjunct Hiring Process Guidelines

Adjunct Offer Letter Template Lock icon

Advertising for Employment, Centralized

Advertising Request Form

Application for Classified Employment Form

Application for Unclassified Appointment Form

Authorization to Verify Employment History Form


Background Check Procedures

Bargaining Contracts

Benefits, Retirement and Paid Time Off

Bereavement Leave
See applicable bargaining contract or employment plan

Bid Application for Vacant Position
See applicable contract

Buzz Words


Career Opportunities

Claire E. Faust Award Nomination

Classified Hiring Process

Classified Personnel Document (CPD) Form

Classified Position Description Form Lock icon

Classified Position Requisition (PRF) Lock icon

Code of Conduct

Committees, Meet and Confer


Data Requests

Deferred Compensation
See Retirement Plans By Contract and select the applicable bargaining unit

Deferred Compensation Form, Administrators

Deferred Compensation Form, Selection of

Dental Coverage

Dependent Change

Direct Deposit

Directories, University

Disability Claim, How to file
The Hartford

Disability Insurance

Disability Services, Reasonable Accommodations and ADA

Discounts, Employee

Divorce, Getting Married or Divorced

Domestic & Sexual Violence Support & Education


Elections, Voting and Political Activities

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Employee Injury Report

Employee Name Change
Requires Social Security Card presented to Human Resources (WA 336)

Employee Recognition

Employment Opportunities

Equal Opportunity & Title IX, Office of

eTimesheet Lock icon

Exit Interview Checklist Form

Expense Reimbursements
Business Services Web Page


Family Leave

Family Medical Leave Act

Flexible Spending Accounts

Finalist Approval Form, Classified Lock icon

Finalist Approval Form, Unclassified Lock icon

Fitness For Duty Form


Funeral Leave
See applicable bargaining contract or employment plan


Glossary of Human Resources Terms


H-1B / International Faculty

Health Care Savings Plan (HCSP)

Health Insurance and Dental Plans

Health Reimbursement Account (HRA)

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

Hiring Processes Lock icon

Holidays, Calendar

Human Resources Staff


IFO Notice of Vacancy Form Lock icon

Initial Screening Form Lock icon

Injury Report, Online Submission Form

Insurance, Dependant Change

Interim Acting Appointments

Interview Forms:


Job Class Specifications

Job Descriptions

Job Opportunities:


No Entries


Leave, Managing Leave

Leaves of Absence

Leaving Minnesota State University, Mankato
Employee Resource Guide

Life Insurance

Long-term Disability


MAPE Professional Development Tuition Application Form

Marriage, Getting Married or Divorced

Maternity Leave

Medical Insurance

Medical Leave, FMLA

Meet and Confer

Military Leave, FMLA

Minnesota Advantage Health Plan

Minnesota State

MSUAASF Creditable Work Experience Form

MSUAASF Sabbatical Application Form Lock icon



Notice of Failed Search Form Lock icon


Offer Letter, Adjunct Lock icon

Offeree Approval Form, Classified Lock icon

Offeree Approval Form, Unclassified Lock icon

On-Campus Information Change Form
(Address, Employee, Department, etc.)

Organizational Charts, University

Orientation Checklist, New Employees Lock icon


Parental Leave

Partners in Safety

Payroll Lock icon
Included in Employee Self Service

Payroll, Deductions Lock icon
Included in Employee Self Service

Performance Evaluations

Performance Evaluation Form, Administrator Lock icon

Performance Evaluation Form, MSUAASF Lock icon

Performance Evaluation Form, Classified Lock icon
AFSCME, MAPE, MMA, Managerial Plan, MNA, MGEC, & Commissioner's Plan

Personnel Document for External Funding Form (Adobe Sign)

PIF (Professional Improvement Funds) Application & Guidelines

PIF (Professional Improvement Funds) Follow-up Form

Policies and Procedures

Position Advertising Request Form

Position Descriptions Lock icon

Position Description, Administrator

Position Description, Classified Lock icon

Position Description, MSUAASF

Position Requisition, Classified Lock icon

Position Requisition, Unclassified Lock icon

Pretax Benefits

Priority Consideration Review Form Lock icon

Professional Development


No Entries


Reasonable Accommodations, Disability Services and ADA



Recruitment Plan Lock icon

Release Form, Disclosure & Authority to Release Information Lock icon

Resignation Procedures

Retirement Benefits

Return To Work

Roth 403(b)
Tax Sheltered Annuity

Retirement Checklist for New Hires Form Lock icon


Screening Summary Report, Classified Positions Only Lock icon

Screening Summary Report, Unclassified Positions Only Lock icon

Search Process Checklist, Unclassified Lock icon

Search Process Handbook

Self Service Portal Lock icon

Seniority Rosters

Separating from Minnesota State Mankato
Employee Resources Guide

Separation/Transfer Form, Supervisor Checklist for Employee Lock icon

Sexual & Domestic Violence Support & Education

Statement of Ethics Form, Search Committee Members’ Lock icon

Supervisor Checklist for Employee Separation/Transfer Form Lock icon

Supervisory Status Questionnaire Form Lock icon

Short Term Disability

Sick Leave
Family Medical Leave Act


Tax-Sheltered Annuity
See Retirement Plans by Contract and select the applicable bargaining unit

Termination of Employment

Telecommuting Procedures

Telework Approval Process

Telework Request Form

Timesheet Information

Tobacco and Smoke Free Campus

Training and Development

Travel Assistance
Minnesota Life, Securian Financial

Travel Expense Reimbursement Allowance
Business Services Web Page

Transit Expense Account

Tuition Waiver

Tuition Waiver, Human Resources Guideline & Interpretation Lock icon

Tuition Waiver Matrix Lock icon

Tuition Waiver Quick Reference Guide for Employees


Unclassified Hiring Process Lock icon

Unclassified Personnel Document (UPD) Form Lock icon



Vacation Donation Form

Vacation Donation Program

Vacation Leave

Veterans Higher Education Programs

Visa (H1B) International Faculty

Volunteers, Use of

Voting, Elections and Political Activities


W-4MN, Minnesota Employee Withholding Allowance/Exemption Certificate

Weather Emergencies

Wellness Committee

Will, Travel and Legal Services
Minnesota Life, Securian Financial

Workers' Compensation

Workers' Compensation Investigation Claims Report Form Lock icon

Work Experience, IFO Form

Work Experience, MSUAASF Form Lock icon

Workplace Environment

Workplace Environment Complaint Form Lock icon


No Entries


No Entries


No Entries