Position Advertising Request Form

The Position Advertising Request Form Lock icon requires users to login with their StarID and password to request the advertising of a position.

Position Advertising Request Form Lock icon

Upon logging in, users are asked to indicate who is submitting the request and details of the position, including:

  • Your current department
  • Cost Center to be used
  • Phone number you can be reached at for questions
  • If the appropriate approvals and signatures have been obtained for the position
  • Position type, classified or unclassified
  • Position title to be advertised
  • PRF # for unclassified positions
  • Department for the position
  • Indication for add to run in the Mankato Free Press, the Chronicle of Higher Education, or the Chronicle of Philanthropy
  • Additional comments or pertinent information

Please contact the IT Solutions Center if you have issues logging in to this form.