There are two types of Reclassifications: "Reallocation" and "Change in Allocation". They are defined as:


  • Duties have changed substantially in a gradual manner over time.
  • Under a "Reallocation", when a position's classification changes, the incumbent automatically “goes with” the position to the new classification.

Change in Allocation

  • Duties have changed substantially in an abrupt manner, e.g., reorganization.
  • Under a "Change in Allocation", when the position's classification changes, the position constitutes a vacancy, and the incumbent will have to compete for it.

Position Reviews Occur

Position reviews occur when a new position is created, the duties of an existing position have changed substantially since the previous audit, either gradually or abruptly through reorganization, or when a position becomes vacant.

Reclassifications are not for:

  • When you want to give the employee a pay raise.
  • Only when the volume of the work has changed.
  • When you want to save money.
  • When the employee obtains new or better qualifications.
  • When you have a long-term employee who has been at the top of the range and you want to find a way to pay them more.
  • When you like an employee and want to reward them for loyalty and length of service.
  • When the employee is performing exceptionally well, and you want to reward them.
  • When duties change for a temporary period.

Request Procedure

A position classification review can be requested by the employee and/or the supervisor. For existing positions submit the following documents to HR:

  1. New/updated classified position description signed by both employee and supervisor. Unsigned position descriptions will be sent back for signature.
  2. Copy of the old (former) position description.
  3. Current Organizational Chart showing the position and at least 2 levels above and 1 level below the position. All current positions must be included with the following information indicated:
    • Classification
    • Name of the current incumbent and position control number (PCN) of the position
    • Percentage of time (50%, 100%, etc.)
  4. For reallocations with a current incumbent submit a completed CPD - Classified Personnel Document. For vacant positions please submit a PRF - Position Requisition Form Lock icon.
  5. Please include a memo with the reclassification request that includes and explains the following:
    • Who is requesting the classification review (supervisor, employee, both, etc.)
    • Reason(s) for the request for change in classification
    • Over what period the duties have changed (Please be specific and indicate whether the change was abrupt or gradual and over what period the change(s) took place.)
    • Specifically, how the job duties, knowledge and skills required for the position have changed
    • Additional applicable information that Human Resources should be aware of when considering the classification review

Note: All documents above must be completed with all requested information, or the paperwork will be sent back and the process will be delayed.