Nepotism Policy

Employees of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities shall not participate in the selection, hiring, supervision, or performance review of, or decisions regarding compensation or staff complement for, any person who is a member of the employee’s family or household and is an applicant for employment with, or employed by, Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, except as permitted under procedures adopted by the chancellor.

The Specifics

Specifically, a direct supervisory relationship shall not exist between family or household members, nor shall one member of a family or household assume the role of investigator, or decision-maker with respect to i) processing complaints or allegations against, or ii) making decisions on personnel matters, concerning the continued employment or promotion of, a family or household member.

This prohibition does not limit the right of an employee to make a recommendation on personnel matters concerning a family or household member where the right to make recommendations on such personnel matters is explicitly provided for in the applicable collective bargaining agreement or compensation plan.

Exception Documentation

Universities shall document any exceptions granted under this procedure on forms provided by the Office of the Chancellor. All such documentation shall be kept in the Human Resources Office.

See Documentation of Exception

What does this really mean?

  • An employee cannot participate in the selection or hiring of any person who is a member of their family or household.
  • An employee cannot supervise their spouse or other family members.
  • Employees cannot act as the investigator or decision-maker for any personnel matters regarding a member of their family or household.
  • This policy applies to applicants for employment, employees, applicants for admission, and students