Employee Code of Conduct

Procedure 1C.0.1

This Procedure establishes the code conduct expected of all employees of Minnestota State Colleges and Universities, including administrators, faculity, staff, and student employees, weather full or part-time, temporary or unlimited.

In addition to this code of conduct, employees are subject to general standards of conduct for employees and are expected to meet any professional standards of conduct or ethical requirements applicable to their discipline.

It is the responsibility of all employees to be aware of and comply with all statutes and policies.


System Procedure 1C.0.1 Employee Code of Conduct

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For policies or statutes regarding topics not included here, inquire with the appropriate agency or office.

MinnState Policy/Title Section Local Related Resource
Employee Ethics Part 3 Ethical Responsibilities
Conflicts of Interest Part 3, Subpart A  
Compensation, Benefits or Gifts from Other Sources Part 3, Subpart B Request Approval of Travel Expense Reimbursement By Outside Source Form
Personal Advantage Part 3, Subpart C  
Use of State Property Part 3, Subpart D  
Political Influence Part 3, Subpart E  
Purchasing State Property Part 3, Subpart F  
Other Policies & Procedures Part 4  
Nondiscrimination in Employment & Education Part 4, Subpart A / Board Policy 1B.1 Nondiscrimination
Sexual Violence Policy Part 4, Subpart B / Board Policy 1B.3  
Fraud & Other Dishonest Acts Part 4, Subpart C / Board Policy 1C.2 Fraud & Other Dishonest Acts
Intellectual Property Part 4, Subpart D / Board Policy 3.26  
Nepotism Part 4, Subpart E / Board Policy 4.10 Nepotism Policy/Request for Exception
Weapons and Safety Part 4, Subpart F / Board Policy 5.21 Weapons & Firearms Policy
Acceptable Use of Computers & Technology Part 4, Subpart G / Board Policy 5.22.1 Computer Usage
Information Security & Privacy Part 4, Subpart H / Board Policy 5.23  
Alcohol & Drug Use Part 4, Subpart I / MMB Alcohol & Drug Use/Abuse
Reporting Fraud/Abuse Part 5