eTimesheets are the way that time worked, time off, whether sick, vacation, jury duty and other time is reported. To get started you will need to log into Employee Home.

Log into Employee Home Lock icon

Inital Screen is showing current and future time off requests

Screenshot of time-off request screen that shows current and future requests.

Clicking on the Timesheet link in the upper left will take you to the timesheet

Screenshot of the timesheet request link

Typically the timesheet will be updated to show time off reqeusts and holidays. Clicking the edit button will allow you manual entry of time. Note that if it ends in more than 80 hours a warning message will show.

screenshot of timesheet confirmation / submission form

To submit the timesheet for review click on the submit button.

Unlock Time Sheet

Human Resources

If you need to unlock your time sheet after it has been submitted please email your supervisor and from your employee provided email.