Requesting a Leave of Absence

All leaves of absence require a written request for leave must be submitted to your supervisor (faculty submit to chair and dean). Requests must be in compliance with all bargaining agreement/personnel plan provisions.

Request should include:

  1. Reason for requesting leave
  2. Dates of absence, include intended return to work date
  3. The amount of each type of leave to be used. (e.g., sick leave, unpaid leave, etc.)

Medical/Parental Related Leaves

In addition to the above, if using leave for Medical or Maternity/Parental reasons for yourself or a family member follow the additional steps below:

  1. Notify our FMLA Coordinator in HR and provide a copy of the written request to determine the following:
    • If leave qualifies under FMLA
    • If you have disability benefits for which a claim may be filed OR
    • If a Workers' Compensation claim needs to be filed
  2. If required, have your health care provider supply medical information to the Human Resources FMLA Coordinator. You will be notified in writing if medical updates are required and how often they must be provided.
  3. If you have short-term disability insurance, obtain and complete the benefits claim form from HR and send the completed claim form to the disability insurance company.

Note: IFO and MSUAASF may need to submit request to the President or follow other University procedures (e.g., sabbatical leave) for certain types of longer term paid/unpaid leaves per their bargaining agreements.