Weather Emergencies

Weather and Emergency Closings Notifications

Official Campus Notification sites include:

  • University web site
  • Email notices to students and staff
  • Hotline at 507-389-2463

Announcements will be provided for broadcast to the following local and regional media:

Announcements may be made either by 5:30am or 2:30pm.

Please note that it is best to refer to the official notification sites as confirmation of weather and emergency closings.


Weather Closings

What you really need to know

  • Class cancellations means only classes are canceled. The University stays open.
  • Employees can decide if they are able to get to work or not, because of the weather.
  • Eligible employees can use leave time when unable to get to work because of the weather (in accordance with their appropriate bargaining agreement or personnel plan). If an employee does not have available leave, s/he may use leave without pay.
  • Employees must immediately notify their supervisor if they cannot make it to work.
  • Only in extreme emergency conditions will the campus close and only functions essential to the students living on campus will be maintained.
  • If the university closes during the workday, non-essential employees are excused from work with pay. Essential employees will be paid according to their bargaining agreement or personnel plan.