Assistance with Accommodations for Pregnant and Parenting Students

Accessibility Resources can help in a variety of different ways. Assistance and accommodations may vary depending on the type of pregnancy, medical documentation and the academic program that the student is enrolled. 

  • Excusal of class and/or activity absences and/or tardiness related to pregnancy or childbirth. 
  • Permission to leave class suddenly 
  • Physical accommodations such as lift restrictions, limitation of exposure to chemicals, no prolonged standing, frequent breaks to use to bathroom or to walk, permission to eat/drink in class, and temporary disability parking, etc. 

How to Request a pregnancy or parenting accommodation 

A student requesting an accommodation will be required to submit proper and timely documentation, and students who are pregnant or have given birth in the current semester will be entitled to assistance.  

Please reach out to Accessibility Resources and submit the the required information for review.  

*If a student is unable to submit timely medical documentation because of their condition, an authorized representative of the student should contact the Title IX Coordinator to inform them of the student's absence due to their pregnancy status or birth of a child. 

Breastfeeding and Lactation Resources 

Our University's Women’s Center can assist with the following services:

  • Lactation space 
  • Refrigerator for breast milk  
  • Lactation supplies: breast milk storage bags, breast pads 
  • Other Pregnant Student Resources