Frequently Asked Questions for Pregnant and Parenting Students

Do Title IX protections for pregnant and parenting students apply to undergraduate and graduate students? 

Yes. Title IX prohibits sex discrimination in educational institutions that receive federal funding. Sex includes pregnancy and pregnancy related conditions such as abortion. Minnesota State Mankato receives federal funding and is therefore legally required to comply with Title IX. The protections afforded to pregnant and parenting students under Title IX applies equally to all students on the Minnesota State Mankato campus, regardless of whether they are undergraduate or graduate students.  

Do I have to go through accessibility resources to receive accommodations?

It is strongly recommended that students go through Accessibility Resources to receive accommodations, but no. Our pregnant and parenting students are not required to go through the Accessability Resources office to get accommodations. Students may work individually with their professors to arrange accommodations. If a student chooses to proceed with an accommodation through the Accessability Resources, then Accessability Resources will ensure that the policies and practices of individual instructors are aligned with Title IX regulations and do not discriminate against pregnant students. 

I am a graduate student and currently have a graduate assistantship, can I get accommodations for my graduate assistantship? 

Yes. Accessability Resources have previously assisted students who have graduate assistantships. Accommodations may differ depending on the assistantship and the type of pregnancy and medical documentation provided.  

I want to breastfeed and/or pump for my infant, where can I do that on campus? 

The Women’s Center, located on the second floor of the Centennial Student Union, has space for students and employees to breastfeed and pump. They also have refrigerator available for breast milk storage and lactation supplies.  

For more information on Pregnant and Parenting Students, visit the National Women's Law Center and FAQs.