New Employees Training

Required Annual Compliance Training Program

New employees are automatically added to the Annual Training program and will receive a generic registration notice directly from Enterprise Learning Management (ELM). Employees are expected to complete this training with thirty (30) days from this enrollment notice.

The training includes the (7) modules listed below promote a safe and inclusive work environment and will help you understand policies and expectations unique to our system of higher education. If you hold more than one (1) appointment with Minnesota State, the seven (7) training modules in this registration are part of your primary job. Additional information can be found at Required Training.

Additional safety training modules may be required by your campus, depending on your job role.

Please complete all modules assigned during scheduled work hours.

To access your assigned training:

  1. Log in to the State of Minnesota Self Service Portal Sign-in using your eight-digit Employee State ID Number and password (the ID number you use for paycheck and insurance information).
  2. Choose the Learning Management tile.
  3. Choose the My Learning tile.
  4. Choose the Required Annual Compliance Training tile.
  5. You will be presented with a screen to Launch and complete the required training modules.
    • Note, the modules will display ‘not enrolled’ under each title. This status will change to ‘enrolled’ after you Launch each module.

Note that many courses have two options:

  • Returning Employees who have viewed the longer course within the past 3 years, may choose the first option (shorter Annual Review version).
  • New Employees, or employees who have not viewed the full-length course within the past 3 years, should choose the second option (longer New Employee version).
Course Required​ Class Options/Time to Complete
​Code of Conduct​ ​Annual review - 15 minutes
New employee - 50 minutes
​Public Jobs, Private Data ​​Annual review - 20 minutes
New employee - 45 minutes
​Respectful Workplace training (MMB) ​​25 minutes (additional 10 minutes for supervisors/managers/leaders)
​Preventing Sexual Harassment (MMB) ​​25 minutes (additional 25 minutes for supervisors/managers/leaders)
​FERPA ​​20 minutes
​Ergonomics ​​6 minutes
​General Safety ​​15 minutes
Time to Complete ​Returning employee - 2 hours
New employee - 3 hours

Employees with Multiple Job Roles

If prompted to select a job role when enrolling in each course, please choose your primary role; adjunct faculty who are also employed in a non-adjunct capacity must select the non-adjunct role as your primary assignment, unless otherwise directed by Human Resources.

Adjunct Stipend

Adjunct employees who complete all seven (7) courses are eligible for a $100 stipend. Adjuncts should provide screenshots/proof of completion for all seven (7) courses by the required deadline to the FWM processor for their Department/College to receive the stipend.

Technical Troubleshooting

Consult the  ELM Online Training Completion Guide for additional technical troubleshooting links (see page 5).

Course Spins After Launching

Some users may experience 'spinning' issues when they use Firefox. If this occurs, try updating your browser, or logging in using Safari, Chrome, or Edge instead - usually that will solve the spinning issue. Open this Software and Hardware Requirements for SEMA4 and Self Service ( link for more details about browsers and operating systems.

Screen says Not Attempted or Locks Up After Launching

If you launch the course but the screen 'locks up' or says 'not attempted' - that is a pop-up blocker. Pop-ups will need to be enabled for this site. After launching a module, watch for pop-up blocker messages in your browser window. It is okay to allow all pop-ups from this site. Contact your campus IT Helpdesk for desktop support. ​​​​​​​

If you have any questions, please contact the Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management Office at 2267 or, or Human Resources at 2015 or