Types of Mail

Departmental Mail

Use the following guidelines: 

  • Make sure your cost center number is on the mail piece or you have an account card attached with your mailings. 
  • Separate each account into separate bundles. 
  • Use respective mail cards for mail that needs special service (i.e. Priority, Express, Certified). 
  • All flaps of envelopes must be down. 
  • Separate SEALED and UNSEALED envelopes. 
  • Must have a Minnesota State University return address on all mail.

Express (Overnight) Mail

  • Needs to be to Minnesota State Mankato Postal Services by 12:00 P.M. to guarantee next day delivery. 

Bulk Mail

Large mailings (over 200 pieces) can be sent out as a bulk mailing at a reduced rate.

A bulk mailing can result in savings of 60 to 70 percent over first class rates. Please allow up to an extra 8-10 days for delivery. 

Call Tammy Trcka at 507-389-2173 for additional information.