Long and Short Term Disability Insurance

The Long & Short Term Disability Plans and the Manager's Income Protection Plan listed below are administered by The Hartford.

Long and Short Term Disability Insurance

There are optional short-term and long-term disability plans available to most benefits-eligible employees. The amounts and terms of disability insurance apply to most employees but there may be some variations, depending upon the terms and conditions of your employment. (If you are covered by the Income Protection Plan, special circumstances apply to you -- please see the information about "Manager’s Income Protection Plan" in the next section.)

Additional information about Long and Short-Term Disability Insurance can be found at  the Minnesota Management & Budget disability coverage website.

Manager's Income Protection Plan

Long-term disability and special basic life coverage are combined for employees covered by the Manager’s Plan and certain employees covered in the Commissioner's Plan.

Additional information about these combined benefits, called the Income Protection Plan (IPP) can be found at  the Minnesota Management & Budget Income Protection Plan website.

Customer Service

For more information about the disability benefits you may contact the plan’s customer service:

The Hartford
P.O. Box 14305
Lexington KY 40512-4305