effective July 1, 2022

IFO (#209)

Type of Expense
State-owned vehicle not available 62.5 cents per mile
State-owned vehicle declined or not requested 55.5 cents per mile
Tolls and parking fees actual cost
Commercial transportation (air, taxi, rental car, etc.) + reasonable gratuities actual cost (baggage fees reimbursable, tips not reimbursable)
Specially equipped personal van - provides wheelchair access 67.5 cents per mile
Motorcycle no reimbursement applicable
Personal aircraft $1.515 dollars per mile
Overnight lodging actual cost (reasonable)
Laundry and/or dry-cleaning after 1 week in continuous travel status actual cost not to exceed $16 per week
Work-related long distance calls no reimbursement applicable
Personal telephone calls no reimbursement applicable
Special expenses (e.g., conference fees, banquet tickets) actual cost with prior approval
Meals + reasonable gratuities

Breakfast (in travel status overnight or leave home before 6 am)


Dinner (in travel status overnight or return home after 7:00 pm)

Actual cost up to maximums

Breakfast - $9.00
Lunch - $11.00 (must be away from home overnight)
Dinner - $16.00

Other metro areas:*
Breakfast - $11.00
Lunch - $13.00 (must be away from home overnight)
Dinner - $20.00
2 or more consecutive meals reimbursed up to the combined maximum

Payment of expenses Advances if expenses exceed $50.


Professional Study and Travel (meals, incidentals, lodging) (effective 07/01/20)

Incidental expenses are described as: fees and tips given to porters, baggage carriers, hotel staff, and staff on ships.  Incidental expenses are not tips for meals.  Tips for meals are included in the regular meal rates.

Continental United States

Outside of Continental United States, including Alaska and Hawaii