Policies - Fleet Vehicle Services

Policies for fleet vehicles services at Minnesota State Mankato

Safe Driving Practices (PDF)

General Rules

General polices of fleet vehicle services at Minnesota State Mankato

Long Distance Driving

A trip more than 400 miles and/or where the destination is beyond Minnesota

Overnight Policy

Overnight Policy of vehicles services


Violations of Minnesota State Mankato vehicle fleet services

Vehicle Assignment

State vehicles shall be assigned for use consistent with a certain list of priorities

Personal Vehicle Use

Person vehicle use policies

Travel Records

A daily travel log shall be maintained monthly for each vehicle indicating travel purpose, driver, account number and mileage


When a vehicle needs service or repairs during a long trip, it shall be taken to an authorized dealer who sells and services the make/model of the vehicle requiring repair.

Fuel Purchases

All state vehicle fuel tanks are to be properly filled prior to return of the state vehicle to the designated state stall.

Maintenance of Vehicles

The University garage staff is responsible for the proper care and maintenance of vehicles under its jurisdiction.

Emergency Procedures - Vehicles

Vehicle Emergency Procedures for vehicles services at Minnesota State Mankato

Seat Removal

Seat removal policies for State vehicles

Winter Weather Driving

Minnesota State Mankato does not allow travel and will not issue keys for university vehicles during “No Travel Advisory” or “Road Closed Periods”

Accidents - Vehicles Services

Vehicle accidents on Minnesota State Mankato campus need to be reported to Minnesota State Mankato Security

Funerals and Memorial Services

Funerals and Memorial Services information