Fuel Purchases

All state vehicle fuel tanks are to be properly filled prior to return of the state vehicle to the designated state stall.

The departments are not charged for the mileage or the fuel that is purchased while using Minnesota State University, Mankato fleet vehicles.

Service Stations

Fuel and minor vehicle purchases for state vehicles are able to be made at any service station that will accept the credit cards within the state vehicle key packets. Each passenger fleet state vehicle key packet will be disbursed to the customer with the Voyager fuel card.


VOYAGER fuel card is provided for purchase of fuels for the state fleet vehicles. The cards may also be used for related items or services such as: windshield wipers, fluids, oil changes, minor car repairs (with prior approval from Minnesota State Mankato, Facilities Office 507-389-5649/Garage staff 507-389-1119) and car washes. Roadside assistance is also available through this contract. A Vehicle Informational Packet is kept within the glove compartment of each state vehicle.

  • Verify fuel quantity and gallons prior to payment of fuel.
  • A driver identification number is required with the VOYAGER fuel card. This number will be given to the driver from the Facilities Services personnel at the time of state vehicle key pick up. Repeat information is within the Vehicle Informational Packet in the glove compartment.
  • Return fuel card and receipt in state key pack.

Reimbursement of Expenses

There may be times when a fuel station is not properly equipped to accept fuel card expenses (possibly in small towns), if this happens a reimbursement will be made to the individual who made the purchase. The Facilities Office, WC358, will need to have the name, home address and technical identification number of the individual who made the fuel payment along with the receipt. The reimbursement request will be forwarded to the Business Office.

Emergency repairs

Unexpected repairs and vehicle purchase needs of vehicles supplies (oil, wiper fluid, etc.) for State vehicles may be purchased on the VOYAGER fuel card. Larger items (such as a tire) may be purchased with the VOYAGER fuel card, but pre-approval from Facilities Services staff /389-5649 or Minnesota State Mankato garage staff/389-1119 should be received. Additional emergency numbers are listed on the back of the vehicle reservation request and in the Vehicle Information Packet within glove compartment of state vehicle.