Travel Records

For daily trips and weekly travel
Upon completion of the trip, the vehicle shall be returned to its designated state stall in Minnesota State Mankato parking  Lot 17 on campus.

  • Check vehicle that all personal items and debris has been removed from the state vehicle. 
  • During winter months state vehicles engine block heater cords need to be plugged in upon completion of the vehicle usage and unplugged prior to being removed from its dedicated state stall. 
  • The driver shall indicate miles driven, sign and submit necessary vehicle comments on the form enclosed in the key packet.
  • Return the keys to the Facilities Services Office.  For after office hour vehicle returns the keys are to be returned via the key drop box in Lot 17 by the Emergency Pole.

For vehicles assigned on a monthly or quarterly basis

A daily travel log shall be maintained monthly for each vehicle indicating travel purpose, driver, account number and mileage. Travel logs will include the names of all drivers. Travel logs shall be certified by the driver(s).

  • Drivers shall keep the logs current.
  • The university department assigned to the vehicle shall be responsible for the accuracy of travel logs.

The odometer reading shall be recorded at the end of the month and forwarded to the Facilities Services Office by the fifth of the following month for appropriate billing and preventive maintenance reporting.