Maintenance of Vehicles

  1. The University garage staff is responsible for the proper care and maintenance of vehicles under its jurisdiction. The driver shall be responsible for the safe and proper operation of the assigned vehicle and shall report all malfunctions of the vehicle to the Facilities Services Office.
  2. The Facilities Services Office will pay all normal operating, servicing, repair and replacement costs for state-owned vehicles under its jurisdiction except where driver's negligence results in excessive repair charges. Upon examination of the circumstances, the University reserves the right to seek reimbursement for repair costs from the driver and/or the department responsible.
  3. State vehicles are to be appropriately parked in dedicated stall, keys removed and locked when parked.  A state vehicle on a overnight stay should be kept in a secured motel or hotel lot whenever available. On-street parking is to be used only when no other parking is available and when permitted by local ordinances. If it is necessary to park or store a state vehicle in a garage or parking lot, the fee shall be paid by the driver's department or activity account.
  4. The driver is responsible for keeping the inside of the vehicle reasonably clean.