Long Distance Driving


Long Distance Trip

A trip more than 400 miles and/or where the destination is beyond Minnesota's borders. [PDF] vehicles/policies/auto_liability_insurance_memo.pdf (47 KiB)

Academic Field Trip

A trip taken as a part of a classroom activity associated with an academic program. 

Student Activity Program or Club Trip 

A trip sponsored by a Recognized Student Organization (RSO) or a trip taken as part of the function of the Student Activity Fee funded by the organization and/or the RSO.

A $100/trip "surcharge" per vehicle/per trip for out-of-state travel on state vehicles will be charged.

General Long Distance Travel Guidelines

Out of State long distance trips (greater than 1,000 miles round trip) will be requested to utilize the Enterprise Rent-A-Car contract.  Additional details on long distance driving of state vehicles are available from Facilities Services. 

  1. Departments/organizations must have an approved cost center account on the Minnesota State Mankato accounting system prior to utilizing a state vehicle, no cash payment is accepted.
  2. All drivers must complete the on-line Vehicle Use Agreement (VUA) allowing a Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) check to be requested prior to driving a state vehicle.  Restrictions may be made of the driver depending on the results of the MVR check. The on-line link is located at www.mnsu.edu/vehicles. The driver shall be at least 18 years of age with at least 2 years of driving experience and have a valid United States or Canada driver's license. All drivers are to be insured drivers with personal automobile insurance coverage.
  3. Drivers are reminded that should an accident occur, it is not uncommon that a no-fault coverage claim by an injured passenger could be filed against both the driver's personal liability insurance and Minnesota State Mankato insurance carriers. (See Minnesota Department of Administration Risk Management Division Procedures, Chapter 1.)
  4. Drivers on long distance trips, academic field trips, or student activity program/club trips are advised to rest at least once every three hours. No driver should drive more than three continuous hours without taking an extended break of at least one hour.  Alternate drivers during your travel to limit the time spent behind the wheel by any one driver.
  5. Texting is prohibited while driving.
  6. Long distance trips, academic field trips, or student activity program/club trips shall be limited to no more than two state vans (two 7 passenger mini-van or one cargo van with one minivan) and one sedan per trip without special approval from the Facilities Services Office. Trip organizers who have large number of participants are encouraged to check with commercial bus carriers for alternate transportation.
  7. These guidelines shall be made available upon request to each person who is indicated as a prospective driver on the CAO-38 vehicle request form.
  8. Any trip over 400 miles requires a minimum of two eligible drivers.
  9. Any trip over 400 miles and/or beyond Minnesota's borders requires a staff person and/or graduate assistant to be one of the eligible drivers.
  10. Follow established routes presented by the Facilities Services Office.